Kayachikitsa training


Teacher: Dr. Shailesh

Hours: 30

Price: € 495 incl. study books

Location: Hengelo

Data: 20-24 Maart 2019



During this training Dr. Shailesh wil study the subjects from Kayachikitsa vol 1, 2 and 3 from Dr. Ranade.

To help students from the West to make this text one to work with Dr. Shailesh will make this text more easy to understand for us and help us to get more in to the classical text in our work as therapist/ practitioners.

Everyday there will be classical consultations where Dr Shailesh will guide and support the students to feel the pulse, tongue and come to a conclusion.


Basic principles
Types of Chikitsa (18)
Assesment of treatment
Chikitsa Purushya
Vyadhi dosa
Vyadhi Samprapti
Dosha-Dhatu-Mala Vikriti
Dusya-Dosha in chikitsa
Trividha Chikitsa
Treatment of the Srotas