Dr. Shailesh S. Muli

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Dr. Shailesh S. Muli lives in Pune, India and has been active for many years in the Ayurveda.

After graduating in Ayurveda, he graduated in Pancha Karma and specialized in Garbhasanskar, Yoga, Pranayama and Asanas. He has his own clinic in Pune and regularly writes articles for various newspapers and magazines. Outside Pune, he builds a traditional Ayurveda farm. Here he keeps cows (for producing organic cow manure) to finish the land and realize a herb garden. At the moment he produces organic ghee, stork, milk and medicine on the farm.
Dr. Shailesh S. Muli visits the Netherlands since 2013 and works closely with some practitioners who study with him. He likes learning a lot and he likes to share his knowledge of classical texts with the students.